About Us

Mine Advice Pty Ltd was established in September 2011 in Newcastle NSW, as a specialist mining and geotechnical consulting group with a primary focus of assisting the professional development of technical personnel within the mining industry and so assist industry succession planning in relation to technical service providers. Unlike many other mining consulting groups, wherever possible Mine Advice Pty Ltd seeks to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with mining companies rather than simply provide “stand-alone” or “turn-key” type professional services.

Since it started trading, Mine Advice has had success in achieving its partnering objectives where a number of mine site geotechnical personnel have been directly assisted with work planning and also professional development through interactions with both senior and principal engineers. All of Mine Advice’s geotechnical staff have continued with their own professional development through involvement in design work at operating mine sites and Greenfields projects, industry research and tackling new technical problems.

With the industry down-turn in August/September 2012, the company has re-evaluated what it can offer industry to assist with improving mining efficiencies and in doing so, reducing unit costs.